Demographics of Portland

With a population of about 647,000 as of 2021, Portland, Oregon is the state’s largest city. There are people from many different racial and ethnic groups living in the city. The population of the city is roughly 76% White, 9% Hispanic or Latino, 7% Asian, 6% Black or African American, and 2% other races, according to the Wikipedia.

With a median age of about 37, Portland’s population is quite young. Due to the presence of several schools and institutions in the neighborhood, the city is also the residence of a sizable number of college students.

The city’s economy is robust, and it is well-represented by a number of important sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. In addition to several smaller firms and startups, the city is home to a number of significant corporations, such as Nike and Intel.

Portland is renowned for its dynamic and diverse culture, and the city’s various cultural influences can be seen in a number of its neighborhoods and districts. There are several live music venues, galleries, and performance spaces in the city, which boasts a vibrant music and arts culture. The Portland International Film Festival, the Portland Art Museum’s Film Center, and a variety of other festivals and events are held there throughout the year.

The city is recognized for its commitment to sustainability and green living. In addition to several parks and green areas, Portland has a variety of programs that support sustainable living. Light rail, buses, streetcars, as well as a number of bike-sharing programs and bike-friendly routes, make up the city’s robust public transit network.

Overall, Portland is a multicultural and energetic city with a sound economy, a thriving local community, and a dedication to sustainability.


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