Transportation in Portland

In Portland, Oregon, there are numerous and practical transportation options, including public transportation, biking, and even walking.

The city has made significant investments in alternate modes of transportation as a result of its strong emphasis on sustainability. The TriMet public transit system, which consists of buses, trains, and light rail, is one of the most well-liked ways to get about Portland. With lines linking Portland to the suburb of Gresham and Portland International Airport, the MAX light rail system serves the Portland metropolitan area.

There are multiple bus lines that service the city and its environs, and the Portland Streetcar covers the downtown area and a portion of the Central Eastside.

With more than 350 miles of bike lanes and trails spread across the city, Portland is recognized for being bike-friendly as well. Biketown, a bike-sharing program run by the Portland Bureau of Transportation, has over 1,000 bikes available for loan at various locations across the city.

Portland offers a variety of additional modes of mobility in addition to biking and public transportation. There are numerous taxi firms operating in the city, in addition to multiple ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. Additionally, Portland is home to a number of car-sharing businesses, such as Zipcar and Car2Go, which let customers borrow vehicles for an hour or a whole day.

The city also offers a variety of options for individuals who like to walk or use a leisurely form of transportation. The Portland Spirit offers leisurely excursions down the Willamette River, and the Portland Aerial Tram connects the South Waterfront neighborhood to the Oregon Health & Science University.

In general, Portland boasts a variety of transportation alternatives that make it simple to travel within the city and its environs. There is a means of transportation that will meet your needs, whether you like taking public transportation, bicycling, walking, or driving.


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